Leadership Advisory & Assessments

Business success comes down to one thing: People.

Without the right people to execute, strategies are meaningless and without impact.

Ferreira & Associates have selected to work with highly regarded industry experts to provide a holistic advisory service in:

  • Psychometric & Competency Assessment for Selection
  • Psychometric & Competency Assessment for Development
  • Leadership Development Strategy & Coaching
  • Leadership Appraising & Assessing
  • Bridging Generational Gaps
  • Identifying Hidden Potential & Talent
  • Change Management
  • Creating a ‘New World of Work’ Culture
  • Benchmarking & Talent Mapping
  • Career Development
  • Management & Leadership Audits
  • Assessing & Improving Team Effectiveness

While the industry expert consults on the strategy process, Ferreira & Associates support you with how to make the strategy a reality through people.

Ingrid Kast
Anneke Ferreira