International & Emerging Markets

Think Global,
Act Local


Today’s market is a global stage. Many of our clients are international and increasingly our searches are borderless: the best candidates may be anywhere in the world. We are members of Panorama, a global network of partners that together form an exclusive alliance of leading independent executive search firms, active over the world’s major time zones. Together, Panorama has 27 offices and over 60 partners across Africa, Europe, Asia Pacific, North- and Latin America. Panorama has a like-minded approach to quality work and shared values and ethics. We operate beyond geographical constraints which means each of our partners offer clients both global capability and local sensitivity. We have a long track record of advising clients at the most senior level in our own markets and through Panorama share a strategic commitment to excellence.

Global Partner Offices: 

Atlanta: Auckland: Bangalore: Berlin: Campinas: Delhi: Düsseldorf: Frankfurt: London: Montreal: Mumbai: Munich: Nashville: New York: Pune: Rio de Janeiro: San Francisco: São Paulo: Vancouver: Washington: Wellington

Africa & Emerging Markets:

The successful global expansion of organisations depends on talented leaders who have the ability to expertly manage complex and diverse cultures and structures.  We offer you global capability with local sensitivity, we think global and act local.

Ferreira & Associates are particularly qualified to handle your search in emerging markets having successfully completed numerous searches in East, West and Sub-Saharan Africa. Candidates are sourced from across the globe, whether South Africans, locals, expats or diaspora.

With our South African background you have a gateway to Africa guiding you on exactly what a leader in an emerging market needs for success in their role.

Ingrid Kast
Anneke Ferreira