Executive Search

It’s all about the rare find, spotting brilliant talent before anyone else.

The competition can copy your organisation’s strategy, process and products, but not your people. We specialise in executive search of board level appointments and sourcing CEO’s, C-Suite executives (CFO, CTO, CMO etc), Directors, global expats and diaspora in South Africa, throughout Africa and the rest of the world.
The Benefits Of Using Executive Search

Executive search is the only methodology that guarantees you results by having an exclusively committed, retained team 100% focused on finding the right candidate for you.

You are presented with market intelligence on your brand attractiveness, making you aware of how top talent views your organisation. This allows you to incorporate critical feedback into your talent attraction and retention strategy.

Our executive search consultant has profound insight into your competitors, where the market is going and who is taking it where and how.  We guide our clients on market related trends.

You save costs, time and resources when we deliver a qualified shortlist by a pre-determined date according to a tightly managed project time-table.

High level searches are often highly confidential and need to be handled externally and discreetly - a trusted executive search partner, we minimise your risk of information leaks.

Using a retained executive search firm shows potential talent your commitment to the search and emphasises the importance of the assignment to your firm.

The delicate handling of relationships during the courtship of a search is critical to a successful outcome and is best performed by a consultant who has the trust of both sides. Ferreira & Associates can objectively provide resolution during difficult negotiations and act as a problem resolver.

Assessing your Need

From our first discussion about your critical talent needs, it’s evident that we have a deep commitment to uncovering the position's inherent criteria, skills, leadership challenges and aims.

Our conversation covers all the challenges of the role, behavioural characteristics, skills and competencies required to navigate through critical incidents that will have an immediate and long-term impact on your organisation.

We gain insight into your industry position, competitive advantage, organisational purpose, company culture, ethos and value drivers to ensure this leader meets and exceeds your strategic goals.

By internalising your values, we become ambassadors for your organisation and convey your specific brand message to the talent market to attract the very specific leader you need.

The partner you meet is the committed individual who will manage the assignment, remaining actively involved and accepts accountability until success is achieved.

Our Unique Search Strategy

Every assignment is completely unique. It means we design a search strategy appropriate and specific to each assignment.

We use a broader, more creative approach, along with innovative technology, reengineered methodologies and ‘out the box’ thinking to be sure the broadest group of qualified candidates is targeted.

Identifying the Right Talent For You

We contribute to your success by attracting the type of people who measure their own success in life not simply by "what" they are and "what" they have achieved, but also by "who" they are as individuals, and "how" they have achieved it.

Our innovative search methods include our digital strategy, our robust database of over half a million prospects, sources and industry experts, in-depth market analysis and drawing on a team of consultants and researchers with specialist industry experience that executes with speed.

We use our deep, high-level relationship network that stretches nationally and across international borders to find leaders that meet the criteria of the role, possess the right leadership skills and role-specific expertise, without compromising diversity and individuality.

We are small and independent, and therefore not limited by the extensive off limits restrictions of larger global firms that are unable to source candidates from the broadest segments of the talent universe and from your direct competitors.

Our partners have a proven track record accrued over decades and a highly professional reputation of identifying top talent for clients like you.

Select and Evaluate The Right Talent For You

Approaching candidates from the analysed target companies is a very important aspect of the search and performed by a skilled executive search consultant.  The high quality of dialogue between candidates and our partners greatly increases the prospect of attracting the best leader.

Using targeted selection interviewing techniques we go beyond the obvious to delve deeply into an understanding of how the candidate has accomplished what they have, which helps you predict future performance and potential.

We carefully assess each candidate individually against the inherent assignment criteria and your specific needs to identify the relevant competencies and make you aware of the strengths and development areas to ensure the best fit.

Our rigorous approach to referencing provides a 360 degree perspective of the candidate and helps identify development areas during the transition period.

Short Listing the Right Talent

We will not stop until we find you the right candidate – this is what we do best.

Besides having the desired competencies, behaviors, performance track record to excel in the role, the candidate will have a shared commonality of purpose and values for a successful, and sustainable match.

With our commitment to deliver a qualified shortlist by an agreed date, you have control over your search process and executing business goals.

By facilitating the short listing process, we guide you throughout the evaluation and assessments to identify the leader that matches your inherent criteria.

We have access to numerous evaluation and assessment tools and we tailor each solution to your organisational needs.

Whatever the assignment we will see it through!

Closing the Search and Getting the Right Candidate On Board

We’ll support you throughout the negotiation process with your prospective employee. Ferreira & Associates can help provide communication and resolution during difficult negotiations, acting as a diplomat and problem solver.

An insightful approach to closing a search can make the difference between success and failure; our consultants build solid relationships with the candidates and minimise barriers at the end of the search to reach a successful conclusion.

Managing the Transition Period

Ferreira & Associates are passionate about seeing candidates succeed beyond your expectations. We make sure we prepare, follow up and communicate feedback after a candidate accepts in order to facilitate successful transition.

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Anneke Ferreira