Why Ferreira & Associates is right for you

1.We will not stop until we have found you the right leader.

Our ethos is one of unwavering dedication to our clients, determined effort and high quality results that drive performance. We focus on an optimal number of search assignments, making us truly accountable and accessible every step of the way.

2.Knowing how and where to find the right executive leader.

Through our in-depth knowledge of the South African talent networks - embracing our rich cultural diversity – we source exceptional leaders across industries and functions. The result: a refreshingly diverse and accurate candidate shortlist.

3.We are Faster!

With an exceptionally experienced team and a fluid, collaborative process, we can start your next search immediately and deliver quality results faster than anyone else. When your business needs answers and leaders, we know every day counts.

4.Across Africa and Beyond

We successfully source executive skills for our clients across Africa and other emerging markets from our office in South Africa.

5.Generational Strategy

Knowing what motivates different generational talent, we provide a sustainable strategy to bridge the gap between the current baby boomer C-Suite with up-and-coming, high potential leaders from ‘Generation X’ and ‘Generation Y’ or the 'Millennials’.

6.Discretion and Confidentiality

Old world honour and integrity is a part of the character of every person we employ. The Ferreira & Associates commitment to you is that your search will always be handled with discretion and confidentiality.

7.Understanding Culture Fit

A company’s winning culture is ‘holy ground.’ The right leader will live your values and strengthen your way of doing business, with sustained and loyal commitment.

8.Candidate Respect

The high quality of dialogue and respect we exhibit when engaging with candidates increases our ability to attract top talent to our clients.

9.Whole-heartedly a learning organization

We travel around the world to train with the best trainers our industry has to offer, studying global and local trends - constantly looking for more efficient ways to serve you.

10.We are Global Trackers

If the required executive talent is not available in South Africa, we will track them through our international network of longstanding relationships abroad. Our partnership with the Panorama international search network gives us access to top talent around the world.

Ingrid Kast
Anneke Ferreira