Our partnership with PANORAMA, a group of leading independent Search firms across the world, enables us to resolve the wishes of clients who want both global capability and local sensitivity. We share the same values, code of ethics and a strategic commitment to excellence. We are a proud member of Panorama, a global community of over 400 leadership experts working together to promote a diverse perspective of leadership, embracing creative thinking and sharing our expertise and experience with each other to bring our clients the very best results for their leadership needs. Working across the multiple industries and functions we support, the passion, creativity and innovative thinking which was engrained in our entrepreneurial founders, is the hallmark of how our community seeks to work with our clients. Our strong spirit of imagination, originality and curiosity lie at the heart of our approach to find and nurture the best possible leaders allowing our clients to adapt, grow and flourish. Panorama thrives because we invest in working more closely together, sharing our expertise, our experience and our learning as a community, all for the benefit of our clients. We avoid corporate style behaviours, preferring to focus on the unique, capabilities and perspectives of all the leadership experts in our community and their capacity to create genuine, diverse outcomes for the clients we work with. It is our absolute focus on the people behind the titles, business cards and brand names that is the mark of our approach.


       Association of Executive Search                                                               Consultants

Our partnership with the AESC worldwide professional association for retained executive search and leadership consulting means that our promise to clients is to promote the highest professional standards governed by the AESC’s recognized Code of Ethics, Professional Practice Guidelines. 



Our BlueSteps membership provides our candidates global connection with a plethora of career management tools and services including access to executive opportunities, coaching, executive resume writers and more.


IOD_logo        Institute of Directors Southern Africa

The Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoDSA) is a non-profit company that is unique in that it represents directors, professionals, business leaders and those charged with governance duties in their individual capacities in Southern Africa. 



Our individual membership to the Business Woman Association of South Africa is a pledge to encourage women to pursue their professional goals.  Our clients benefit from our in-depth personal network of the largest group of business and professional women in South Africa.


          Proudly South African

Only quality products carry the Proudly South African mark, our clients are assured of outstanding quality and our commitment to an ethos of high quality and socially responsible business practices which are reflected in the membership criteria.


         Stop Rhino Poaching

Tomorrow begins today.  We are deeply moved by South Africa’s embattled Rhinos. To this end we live the ethos of working from the heart by supporting, engaged in the battle to save these beautiful animals and stop the poaching epidemic.

Ingrid Kast
Anneke Ferreira