About Us

Your talent partner for life.

Your unique search strategy is designed from the first consultation we have with you, competencies, behaviors and culture fit is discussed in detail, challenges are pre-empted and efficiencies incorporated.  From our first meeting, you’ll realise that our higher purpose is to deliver the type of service that will lead you to lean on us as a permanent talent partner.

We use our industry experience and market intelligence in an ethical manner to give you that crucial competitive edge. Our consulting process is intensive – our in-depth conversation uncovers your full spectrum talent-profile and we gain a deep understanding of your executive search needs. By creating a specific search strategy, analysing the market and approaching prospects with delicacy and skill, we attract the best leaders for you.

Drawing on the widest range of research solutions, we are able to design, plan and execute an executive search solution with speed. To find real talent you need to work with an innovative executive search partner who knows exactly where to look and what to look for. Ferreira & Associates can do it for you.

Ingrid Kast
Anneke Ferreira